Nicholas Fagnilli

Composer | Pianist | Synthesist

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Find recordings of concert works and albums Nicholas has appeared on as a performer or producer here. 

Nick Fagnilli & Friends (2019)

available on Bandcamp

Nick Fagnilli- Korg Minilogue synthesizer, Alchemy software synths, piano, tape effects, mixing, mastering 

Namarah McCall- vocals, lyrics (track 2) 

Josh Oxford- Minimoog (track 4) 

Maura Csipo- Teenage Engineering OP-1 (track 5) 

Brandon Mesen- vocals, guitar, habitats (track 9) 

Caitlin Glastonbury- vocals (track 10) 

Brendan Hart- electric piano, noise synths (track 11) 

Deia (2017)

the titular single of Namarah's upcoming album. 

Namarah McCall- vocals & kalimba

Josh Rollin- piano

Nick Fagnilli- Synthesizers

Zachary Brown- cello

Produced by David Mason & Jeff Cain

Mastered by Vinnie Alibrandi

Kiki Villani (2016)

Music by Kiera Sankey and Nicholas Fagnilli

Kiera Sankey- vocals

Tyler Schwartz- drums

James Williams- bass guitar

Nick Fagnilli- piano, fender rhodes, farfisa organ, synthesizers, production

Mixed by Christian Orellana and Nick Fagnilli

Mastered by Nicky Young at Ithaca College