Nicholas Fagnilli

Composer | Pianist | Synthesist

Concert Works

vocal works

The Lonely Death (2018)

for soprano and chamber ensemble. 7’

Written for the Ithaca New Music Collective

Text by Adelaide Crapsey (1878-1914)


Irradiations (2018-19) (In Progress)

Six songs for low voice and piano.

Text by John Gould Fletcher (1886-1950)

Tenor Key excerpt (Songs 1 &2)

Baritone Key Excerpt (Songs 1&2)

Porcelain & Pink (2018)

A comic operetta in one act

Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 15'

Libretto adapted by Madeline DeNofio. 

Piano/Vocal book

Songs of the Mad Wind (2019)

Four songs for soprano and chamber ensemble. 10’

Text by John Gould Fletcher (1886-1950)

Written for the Ithaca New Music Collective


Elegies for Innocent Young Men (2019) (In Progress)

for SATB chorus, brass choir and percussion


Out Walked Monk (2018)

for solo clarinet. 1'

for Emily Mehigh


Three Architectural Studies (2018-19) (In Progress)

for solo piano.

I. Boston City Hall (to Gabriel Andres Benavides Jaramillo)

II. Fallingwater, Overgrowth (to David Salomon)

III. The Whale (to Alexei Aceto)

Meditations (2017)

vignettes for solo clarinet. 7’

Dedicated to Mikaela Vojnik


39º 36’ 16” N / 75º 46’ 48” W (2019)

for solo viola. 4’



Danishes (2019) (In Progress)

Five miniatures for solo percussionist

for Simon Bjarning

A Call For Demons (2018)

for Harp and Bassoon. 4'

for The Harpoon Duet


Coddington Road Ballads (2019) (In Progress)

Three movements for flutes, alto sax, viola, bass, piano, and two percussionists.

I. Nothing Is What I Want

II. Cayuga

III. Feverdreaming

Score excerpt (II. cayuga)

Hermitage (2018)

Humoreske for Pierrot Ensemble. 8’


PassacaDilla (2017)

for percussion and electronic instruments. 8’


Pannonica's Nightmare on Route 13 (2018)

for clarinet and piano. 5'

Dedicated to Thelonious Sphere Monk


Naphtha (2018-19)

Winner, 2019 Louis Smadbeck Composition Prize

for clarinet, cello, and piano. 10’

Comissioned by Alexandra Hecker


Perso Nei Riccioli (2017, rev. 2018)

An Italian Folk Odyssey

for clarinet & string quartet. 11’


Titans (2018-19) (in progress)

Cycle in 10 movements

Book I: for cello & percussion

Book II: for cello, percussion & piano

The Breaks (2017)

for two percussionists. 3’