Nicholas Fagnilli

Composer | Pianist | Synthesist


Chipped (2019)

A film by Nico Johnson

A 1980’s sci-fi pastiche about two brothers who use their father’s cybernetic technology to get back at the neighborhood bully.

Soundtrack available on Bandcamp

Ovid (2017) 

A film by Spencer Muhlstock & Mitchell Wadja

Score recorded April 2017 in Nabenhauer Hall, Ithaca College

Please enjoy this short vintage-style thriller. The recording of this score was done by 13 excellent musicians and 3 stellar engineers at Ithaca College, to all of whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. Inspirations for this score include Bernard Hermann and Béla Bartók. 

Wheels (2016)

Original score by Nick Fagnilli

A Film By Spencer Muhlstock

Wheels is a short dramatic film starring Moonlight's Jharrel Jerome. For the score, Spencer and I came up with a combination of Hans Zimmer's high string textures and a certain sentimental element. Early drafts of the score included large portions of Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, which stuck around for the final draft. Tracked using Logic Pro X. 

RUIN (2016)

A film by Sam Hayden

Original Score by Nick Fagnilli

For this dialogue-free short film, I was free to use a batch of synthesizers to completely sculpt the aural texture of the scene. This was my first practical foray into electroacoustic music and employs Gesture-based compositional techniques. 

A Familiar Story (2016)

A lighthearted trist based that takes an old pun to absurd lengths.

At a whopping 8 minutes, not a lot of score was needed, but for the three short cues I wrote, there was a high demand for a unique arrangement and concise form.

We Are Now (2015)

Original Score by Nick Fagnilli

A film by Heather Mikles and Derek Pinchot

A coming-of-age film was an ironic first film score for me, as I myself was coming of age at the time— I scored this film during the summer between high school and college. As such, the musical ideas that inhabit this score are scattered and represent a snapshot of my hopes and anxieties about my own future, which were very similar to those shared by the film’s characters. I scored this film during the summer between high school and college.